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ACESí March 23, 2001 Pick:

ACES' second pick for the month, International Specialty Products (ISP) is a chemical manufacturing company. ISP is a multi-national manufacturer of specialty chemicals, mineral products and filter products. ISP's specialty chemicals consists of 10 main groups of products having numerous applications in consumer and industrial products. ISP was graded with the highest ASG todate: 16.0000.

ACESí March 9, 2001 Pick:

ACES' first pick for the month, Loews Corp. is a diversified company. Loews business thrust are in insurance, tobacco, hotels, watches and contract oil-drilling. Loews Corp., was graded with the second highest
ASG todate: 15.0000.

      Loews Corp. (Sector: Financial; Industry: Insurance; Ticker: LTR; Exch: NYSE). Products/Services: Insurance (CNA Financial); tobacco (Brands: Kent, Newport, True and Lorillard); hotels (in the U.S. and Canada, total of 14); watches (Brand: Bulova); and contract oil-drilling. Market capitalization: $10,760M. No. of employees: 30,900 (as of 12/31/99).

    Stock's Growth Record (12 Mo.)

    • Revenue: 0.80%
    • EPS: 18.31%
    • Price: 179.45%

     ACES Stock Grade (ASG)*: 15.0000 (Highest todate)

    * - A proprietary number devised by ACES that combines a stock's profitability, management's performance, per share earnings, PE, financial strength and other selected variables in one number. A higher ASG is preferable than a lower ASG.

    Closing Price: $116.77 per shr. (Mar. 9, 2001)

    STOCK'S 12-MONTH GAIN (LOSS), 03/09/01 - 03/08/02 :  1.26%

      STOCK'S 48-MONTH GAIN (03/09/01 - 03/09/05) GAIN: 31.78%
                                                                     ($18.22sh. - $24.01sh)

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